Board of Directors Meeting 

Saturday, April 29, 2017

2:00 PM - Condominium Clubhouse 

The Daytona Beach Ocean Towers Board of Director Meeting was called to order by President Charles Mohler at 2:00 PM on Saturday, April 29, 2017 in the Association Clubhouse at 2800 N. Atlantic Ave., Daytona Beach, FL. Present were Charles Mohler, President; Allan Lampman, Treasurer; Christina Honeycutt, Secretary; Mike French,  Assistant Secretary; and Don Lowe, Assistant Treasurer.  Attending by phone was Dave Aull, Second Vice President.  Absent was Mike DeHaven, First Vice President. There were approximately 24 owners in attendance.

A motion was made that the reading of the minutes from the 2017 Annual Owners and Election Meeting be waived and the minutes be accepted as presented.  Seconded by Allan Lampman. Motion passed 4 - 2.  Secretary Christina Honeycutt voiced her rejection of the minutes as they were not written by her. 

President Mohler then turned the floor over to Allen Lampman to present a brief treasurers report and answer any questions from the financial documents distributed at the meeting and posted on the office bulletin board.  Allen reported that the laundry funds collected for the month of April were $3,335.75. The monthly deposit of $14,500 was deposited into the Reserve Account.  Approximately 12 units have sold this year in which the Towers is able to collect $220 in estoppel fees from each sale which is deposited after the final closing of each unit. The annual auditors report has been completed and can be reviewed in the office or is available upon written request. 

An owner requested that a more detailed list of expenditures and a Profit & Loss report be provided at future board meetings. Allen explained that he distributes a detailed handout at each board meeting of the monthly expenditures which is discussed and open to questions and answers, if anyone didn't receive one to see him after the meeting. The most recent Profit & Loss report is posted on the bulletin board in the lower lobby outside the Towers Office door.

The money received from the Property Insurance for damages caused during Hurricane Matthew and the Special Loss Assessment accounts are as follows:

 $578,031.15 Received from Proof of Loss Statement signed by Michael DeHaven on December 17, 2016

-$347,303.25 Spent on partial payments for roof project and garage clean-up, carpet in lower level, drywall work in units, and garage entry barricade protectors     

 $230,727.90 Amount that remains but allocated for by previous board to finish paying for finalization of roof project and garage clean up

 $435,031.64 Special Loss Assessment collected from owners to meet insurance deductible of $450K. ( $578,031.15 + $450,000. = $1,028,031.15. Which totals the 1 million + that Mike DeHaven always spoke of; not including speculative sum of $220K that may or may not be collected after repairs) 

President Mohler commented that FEMA had notified the Towers our claim in the approximate amount of $600 - $700K had been received and a decision was pending upon their determination of findings of the loss assessment evaluation from the adjusters. 

President Mohler informed the owners that he met with Brown and Brown Insurance and they had learned that a proof of loss statement had been executed and signed by Mike DeHaven on December 17, 2016 with the carrier agreeing to the amount of loss the Towers had incurred.  As a result of this meeting we learned of several discrepancies and asked York Risk Services to seek approval from the carrier to re-inspect the claim damage to the Towers and the carrier agreed to our request.  The engineering survey has been scheduled for May 1 and 2, 2017.  Hopefully we will have more meaningful information as a result of this meeting and  have a more financially beneficial result for the Towers owners. 

Building and Grounds update by Chairman and Board member Don Lowe informing us of the three bids received for the needed pool repairs ranging from $19 - $24K and estimates the pool would be closed approximately 4 - 6 weeks, hopefully between May 30 to June 15 for the repairs.  The length of closure depends on weather permitting and no unforeseen damages.  There was some concern over closing the pool during the summer months and it was explained that the expense from the amount of water we were losing due to several cracks in the pool, the possibility that the water loss could undermine the ground beneath the pool and cause it to collapse, along with the safety issues of the lights not functioning were reasons given not to postpone the repairs.  We also have been told that new codes will go into effect on January 1, 2018 and any repairs after that date would require us to meet these new codes and cost the Towers a substantial amount more financially. 

Chairman Lowe announced the next Building and Grounds Committee Meeting will be held Friday, May 5, 2017 at 7:00 PM in the Towers Clubhouse for further discussion of the committees prioritized items and recommendations to the Budget and Finance Committee, the main focus at this time would be the building project. 

Steve Prather, Maintenance is out on Workers Compensation Leave until further notice.  The Towers is currently functioning with only one maintenance person at this time and appreciates your patience and understanding. 

An owner asked about the potential of hiring a Property Manager and was told it would be taken under consideration by the Board. 

Motion made by Don Lowe to adjourn the meeting.  Seconded by Allen Lampman.  

Motion passed 6 - 0

President Mohler adjourned the meeting at 2:50 PM. 


Mike French, Asst. Secretary Charles Mohler, President

Budget and Finance Committee Meeting Minutes:  Saturday, May 6, 2017

1. Call to order:  1:00 pm

2.   Roll call:  Alan (Chairman)     Joy    Carol     Paula     Brenda (via telephone)                   Owners in attendance:  25

3.   Minutes:  Minutes from November 7, 2016 meeting were read by Joy as posted on DBOT website.  AMENDMENT:  “owners in attendance”, rather than “members in attendance”.   MOTION: to approve the minutes as amended (Joy/Alan)  MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

4. Money sources:  Alan read the handout that listed the current balances in the DBOT accounts.  The Special Loss Assessment account is the amount collected from unit owners for the insurance deductible.  The Operating Account is for paying the daily bills.  The Property Insurance account represents the monies that were provided to DBOT from the insurance company in payment for damages because of Hurricane Matthew.  He explained that the Flood Insurance account only has a balance of $76 because the bank required $100 to open the account in anticipation of FEMA funds, and then assessed a service charge.  The Reserve Account is the monies that are transferred from payment of unit owners in their monthly maintenance fee.  The account where monies from monthly maintenance fees are deposited to pay for the insurance premiums on the property was not listed.

5. Building Repair - 1st Phase:  

MOTION:  To recommend to the BOD that the cost of Phase 1 be taken from the Special Loss Assessment to enlist R&J to work on the main Towers building. (Carol/Paula)  MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

-A.  Alan reminded owners that the engineer recommended to oversee all exterior repairs/renovation of the building was approved by the Building and Grounds Committee.  His charge was given at approximately $32,000.

-B.  While the total cost of exterior work on the main building is expected to be $1.5 million, the pricing for Phase 1 was broken down into the cost for the concrete/balcony work ($361,375), with replacement of concrete balustrades to aluminum an additional amount of $52,800.  (Handout)

It was brought up that at least three engineers have indicated that the Towers is below code on the balconies.  They have reported that the weight from the cement is compromising the safety of using, or even having these balconies in place.  The engineers recommend that the cement balustrades be substituted with aluminum guardrails.  Owners present were supportive of changing to the aluminum guardrails.  They realize that not only is there a safety issue at hand, but the aesthetics of the building will be updated to fall more in line with the more modern counterparts on the Strip.  This change would also probably reduce the repetition and cost of future upkeep.  

The discussion led to the explanation of the policy that states any change in the building must be approved by a majority of the owners.  The letter for solicitation of vote must come from the BOD.  It was determined that B&F recommend that the BOD act on getting out this letter so that it can be returned and acted upon if the vote supports it.  There were some concerns that the time involved in getting approval/decline from owners will hold up the work on the building that R&J is supposed to start.  R&J will be working on building structure first and will not get to balconies right away.  That will give the BOD time to go through the request to change process.

R&J has also included correcting the problem in the shuffleboard area, and repairs on the poolhouse as part of the scope of the work they will be doing.

It was stated that some part of the work to be done on the building (exterior and interior) will end up a special assessment, especially since we have not received any flood insurance monies from FEMA.  Owners present also discussed the possibility of finding out how much it would cost to do the total interior of the main building and then go to a bank and request a loan; and then have any monies collected from owners and insurance go towards repayment of the loan.  There is some concern that we may end up payment for another assessment before we pay off the loan.

6.  Pool:

MOTION:  Budget & Finance recommends to the BOD that The Towers engage the services of Blue Water Pool based on the bid submitted, and take the money per Bylaws, from the Reserves Account for a cost of $22,400.  (Joy/Carol)  MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

The handout on the vendor recommended by Building & Grounds was reviewed.  There was discussion from the owners present on tiles replacement.  After reading aloud the scope provided to Towers by Blue Water Pool, the owners realized that the submission was more comprehensive than was brought out in the Building & Grounds meeting.  The pool will continue to meet code.  Owners were concerned that the pool would be down twice (repair of pool itself, and repair of the poolhouse), but R&J indicated that the repairs to the poolhouse would not interfere with using the pool.  After discussion on the fact that the pool will cost over $10,000, the expenses for this could not come out of the Towers Operating Expenses account.  They cannot come from the insurance monies collected because the pool was not insured because pools on beach-side are not covered by anyone.  The expenses are a capital improvement and would have to come from the Reserves Account.

7.  Roof:

MOTION:  To recommend per Building& Grounds that Carter Electric Company be selected as contractor with the final contract having bond negotiated and the funds coming from Property Insurance Account (Joy)  - not seconded -  Rescinded by Joy  (See discussion below)

MOTION:  To recommend the money to pay Carter Electric Company for electrical work on the roof to connect the fans and have the money come from the Reserves Account (Brenda/Carol).  MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

The fans were purchased with a second contract with R&R, but the electrical work was listed as an exception because R&R is not a licensed electrical company; therefore, Building & Grounds was given the task of finding a vendor for that work.  Six new fans have been installed and need to be connected to power source and each other.  The vendor will bring the electrical system up to new code.  Owners should see better pull in their bathroom fans.  (Handout)

The engineer recommended to supervise the external repairs has agreed to give a final inspection.  Final payment to R&R will be withheld until that is completed.

The cost of the electrical work will be submitted to the insurance company with a request that Towers be reimbursed for that amount since it was something that is a result of the Hurricane (Matthew), but was not within the original amount submitted to the insurance company.  It should be remembered that the insurance company is under no obligation to honor this request, but it is being done in order to try to recoup that cost.

When the motion to pay for fans work from the Property Insurance Account was made, Brenda indicated that she believed that the monies in that account were already obligated by previous BOD for work whose invoices had not yet been received by the Towers office.  She indicated that ServPro still needed to be paid.  That will come from the Property Insurance Account and that account will be paid back that amount once flood insurance is received from FEMA.  Additional fees related to additional contracts to R&R are also part of the needed amount.  There was some concern about using the Reserves Account, but it was brought out that the Reserves Account is replenished each month by a transfer of monthly maintenance fees.

Adjournment:  MOTION:  to adjourn was made by Joy/Brenda.  MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY        2:08 pm      


submitted:  carol lowe   Secretary

Building and Grounds Committee Meeting

Site:  Clubhouse Present:  Don Lowe, Chairman;                                                                                                 Bill Badger, Co-chairman; 

Date:  May 5, 2017         Sally Smith, Secretary; Fred                                                                                      McDaniel; Lev Feldman; 

Time:  7:00 pm          Shirley Ellsworth (via                                                                                                 telephone); 21 unit owners

Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm.

MOTION:  Approval of prior meeting minutes of March 25, 2017 as posted on Towers website; made by Sally Smith, and 2nd by Fred McDaniel.  MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.

Pool Contract:  several companies were contacted; two submitted bids.

-Blue Ribbon Pool:  $19,000 to renovate plus $1500 to add 2 LED lights; unable to give starting date.

-Blue Water Pool:  $19,400 to renovate; lifetime warranty; start May 31, 2017 with completion within 3-4 weeks (weather permitting).

An owner brought up that the pool has been leaking since 2006.  The committee reminded those present that Hurricane Matthew enlarged the leak.  There was discussion that the pool is costing a lot of money because of the leak getting worse.  Not only are we putting many gallons of water into the pool daily, but this affects the waste water charges as well.  There are risks in waiting to take care of the issues related to the pool regarding safety and the need to completely replace the pool, at a very large charge.  The pool needs to be repaired now in order to be grandfathered in for later codes that will begin January 1, 2018, and will cost even more for the DBOT unit owners.  Owners expressed their desire to have the tiles replaced at the same time as the repairs.  Since it was not brought up at the previous meeting where scope of job was discussed, the tile situation will have to be addressed at a later time.  It should be noted that the pool will be up to code, and completely safe once work is completed.

MOTION:  To recommend Blue Water Pool for renovations was made by Sally Smith, 2nd by Fred McDaniel.  MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.

1ST Phase of Building Repairs/Renovations:

-A.  To meet current codes, Towers must update electricity to the motors on the rooftop.  There were two bids received to do this:

-Giles Electric  $25,100 

-Carter Electric  $24,725

It was brought up that the purchase and installation of fans for the roof was approved by a separate contract with R&R, but that contract specifically exempted electrical work.  During the inspection, DBOT was informed that we would have to also comply with current code.  The vendor will be expected to bring us up to code, and wire together the fans as well.  Both vendors are local, and references were solicited and checked.  Owners asked if the Better Business Bureau was contacted, but there isn’t one in Daytona; the nearest one is Orlando.

MOTION:  Sally Smith recommended that Carter Electric be contracted to perform electrical work, 2nd by Fred McDaniel.  MOTION APPROVED UNANIMOUSLY.

-B.  Decision to hire structural engineer to represent DBOT in overseeing construction work:

-Tamer Mercho (KWA) $52,000 plus trip charges ranging from $600 - $900                                                  per visit

-Charles Adams $30,000 total cost to oversee entire exterior                                                              building project

MOTION:  To make recommendation that Charles Adams PE be the engineer to take charge of DBOT building renovations (Fred McDaniel, 2nd by Bill Badger).  MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY. 

-C.  Concrete/balconies/exterior of building.

Three bids were received to handle the renovations on the entire project (there will be several phases).

-Flores Hager $1,518.863

-R&J $1,428,884 (includes pool pump room and shuffleboard                                                               deck)

-G&C $1,050,000

This will begin at the North and Northeast side and will include Stacks 15 and 16.  Owners were concerned that insurance monies must be spent as indicated by specific items.  As had been explained before, Brown & Brown have approved being able to use the funds for work as DBOT deems necessary.  Owners are agreed that the structure of the building is the highest priority.  Payment for other items will be addressed at a later time.

Brown & Brown contacted DBOT and indicated that they would be willing to re-assess the main building insurance pay-out previously signed.  They were in the building on May 1 and 2, and will contact DBOT if there will be additional funds released.

The committee was cautioned about recommending the award go to R&J because they had bid $1 million on a previous project but ended up going over by another $1 million.  It was brought out that the reason for the additional amount was because they took on the task of repairing the seawall and section of the building that had been condemned; which the committee agreed was reasonable.

MOTION:  It was recommended by Bill Badger, 2nd by Fred McDaniel that R&J be the vendor to perform the repairs and renovations on the DBOT main building.  MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.

MOTION:  Sally Smith motioned that the meeting be adjourned, 2nd by Fred McDaniel.  MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.

Meeting adjourned:  7:50 pm

_________________________ ____________

Sally Smith, Secretary               Date


Building and Grounds Committee Meeting

Site:  Clubhouse Present:  Don Lowe, Chairman; Bill Badger, Co-chairman

Date:  March 25, 2017 Sally Smith, Secretary, Fred McDaniel, Lev Feldman

Time:  12:00 noon Shirley Ellsworth

Meeting was called to order by Don Lowe at 12:00 noon.

MOTION:  to approve meeting minutes of February 25, 2017 made by Sally Smith and 2nd by Bill Badger. MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

Meeting Subject:  To create list of top 5 priority items to be addressed and presented to BOD from items presented by each committee member. 

Bill Badger: Sally Smith:

1) Roof – almost done   1) concrete restoration work – East

2) Tree – has been removed                   2) Garage repairs

3) Garage- GC still leaks                   3) Balcony concrete repairs

4) Building concrete – East exterior concrete   4) Pool

5) Pool work           5) Safety issue in garage

Lev Feldman: Shirley Ellsworth

1) Outside building concrete 1) Information vacuum – repair

2) Water proof and paint 2) Business model and options

3) Repair irrigation – tennis court area 3) Budget – unpaid monies

4) Remove posts around tennis courts 4) Outside building – repairs   

                                                                                5) Elevators/pool (follow only                                                                                          what insurance co says)

Fred McDaniel:

1) Repair outside of building

2) Waterproofing building

3) Pool before January 1, 2018

4) Parking deck

Committee prioritized item:

1) Outside of building – all aspects

2) Garage – all aspects

3) Pool

4) Items from insurance company list/depreciations

MOTION:  to approve list as above with only 4 priorities since #4 is so comprehensive made by Bill Badger and 2nd by Fred McDaniel.  MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

MOTION:  made by Sally Smith to adjourn meeting; 2nd by Shirley Ellsworth. MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

Meeting adjourned:  1:30 pm


Submitted Sally Smith, Secretary

Buildings and Grounds Committee Meeting

Site:  Clubhouse Present:   Don Lowe, Chairman

Date:  Monday, February 20, 2017 Sally Smith, Bill Badger, Fred McDaniel,

Time:   10:00 am Lev Feldman, Shirley Ellsworth

This is an organizational meeting to elect positions.

Positions voted upon:

Secretary – Sally Smith volunteered; unanimous approval

Assistant Chairman – Bill Badger nominated by Sally Smith; unanimous                                                    approval

Chairman Don Lowe asked all in attendance to review building and make recommendations for priority building problems to B&G Committee for next meeting.

Next meeting to be held on Saturday, March 25, 2017 at 11:30 am in the Clubhouse.

It was explained to audience that B&G makes recommendations to Finance Committee and BOD; BOD makes all final decisions.

MOTION:  Adjourn meeting (11:00 am)  made by Sally Smith and seconded by Bill Badger     CARRIED


Submitted by Sally Smith

2017 Annual Owners Meeting & Election Minutes

January 10, 2017


The election was called to order at 8:02 PM by Michael DeHaven, President. Announcement was made if any owners present have not turned in their ballots - please turn in at this time. Election was turned over to Bill Hall, head teller and polls closed.  Meeting recessed and ballot counting begin at 8:04 PM.


Results were read at 9:43 PM by Bill Hall. 148 outer envelopes received, 0 disregarded outer envelopes, 1 ballot envelope was disregarded due to item inside not being a ballot. Results of Election are as follows:


Dave Aull:                    93 votes                 Allen Lampman                       111 votes

Charles Blake              64 votes                 Don Lowe                                 70 votes

Joe Capano                 58 votes                  Charles Mohler                        79 votes

Michael DeHaven        77 votes                  Thomas Roam                         54 votes

Michael French            83 votes                   Peter Stavros                          56  vote

Christina Honeycutt     83 votes


The newly elected board was seated at the front of the room. Decisions for positions were made as follows:



President: Michael DeHaven nominated himself.  Allen Lampman nominated Charles Mohler. Vote 4 - 3 Charles Mohler

1st Vice President: Michael DeHaven nominated himself. Seconded by Dave Aull.  No other nominees.

2nd Vice President: Michael DeHaven nominated Dave Aull.  Seconded Charles Mohler.  No other nominees.

Treasurer: Michael DeHaven nominated Christina Honeycutt. Seconded by Dave Aull.  Don Lowe nominated Allen Lampman.  Seconded by Michael French.  Vote 4 - 3 Allen Lampman

Secretary: Michael French nominated Christina Honeycutt.Seconded Dave Aull.No other nominees.

Assistant Treasurer: Charles Mohler nominated Don Lowe.  Seconded by Michael DeHaven.  No other nominees. 

Assistant Secretary:    Michael French

Daytona Beach Ocean Towers

2017 Board of Directors

Charles Mohler, President 

Michael DeHaven, 1st Vice President 

Dave Aull, 2nd Vice President

Allen Lampman, Treasurer                                                                             Christina Honeycutt, Secretary

Don Lowe, Assistant Treasurer                                                                       Michael French, Assistant Secretary 


Motion to adjourn by Michael DeHaven, seconded by Charles Mohler. Meeting adjourned at 9:54 PM by Charles Mohler.


Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Daytona Beach Ocean Towers

(December 19, 2016)

(DBOT Clubhouse)

Board Members: 

Present: Mike DeHaven, President; Dave Aull (via telephone) Vice President; Mike French, 2nd Vice President; Allen Lampman, Treasurer; Christina Honeycutt, Secretary; and Joe Capano, Board Member. 

Absent: None; Quorum present? Yes; Number of owners present:  42

The Board of Directors meeting was called to order at 10:34AM by President, Mike DeHaven. 

MOTION was made by Mike DeHaven to accept the previously recorded meeting minutes. This was tabled for after the Treasurer’s Report, as it was requested that the meeting minutes be distributed to owners present. 

Allen Lampman presented the Treasurer’s Report.  A copy is attached to the meeting minutes. Allen stated there are errors on the report, it is incorrectly reported that Brighthouse/Spectrum was paid multiple times. 

MOTION was made by Mike DeHaven and seconded by Mike DeHaven to accept the Treasurer’s report.  The motion passed unanimously.

As requested, the meeting minutes from November 1, 2016 were distributed to owners present and read by the Secretary. There were no questions from owners present. 

MOTION was made by Mike DeHaven to approve the November 1, 2016 and October 25, 2016 board meeting minutes as electronically recorded and posted on the Towers website, seconded by Allen Lampman. The motion was passed 6 to 0. 

The floor was opened for discussion and questions were answered regarding current state of insurance claim and funding. Mike DeHaven explained the difference between Flood Insurance and Hurricane Wind Damage Insurance – they are (2) different policies and therefore, DBOT has (2) different claims through (2) different companies. 

Mike DeHaven informed of the progress to make repairs from insurance funds of Hurricane Matthew damage incurred. The scope of work DBOT building requires post-hurricane is expansive, and to date will include expenses through insurance funds for items such as concrete restoration & painting of building, concrete restoration and sealing of interior of garage, replacement of carpet and wallpaper on all floors, elevator replacement as well as Lower Lobby repairs. Explanation was provided of recoverable depreciation and the Boards requirement to mitigate further damage to the building, items like roof repair are deemed critical by the DBOT Insurance Carrier. 

MOTION made to approve the R&R contract for the roof repairs by Mike DeHaven. Seconded by Joe Capano. Motion passed 4 to 2.  R&R Industries -- comprehensive bid which includes service for roof replacement & mechanical components (furnish and install rooftop HVAC components & piping insulation) at the cost of $211,700.00 to include repairs all-inclusive for main building and Clubhouse building. All expenses for this project has been submitted to insurance carrier and confirmed approved funding; owners will not be assessed; funding has been received from insurance carrier. 

After further discussion amongst the Board, it was deemed necessary to postpone further decisions for concrete restoration and painting of building. Additional bids will be obtained and presented at a later meeting. Funding for additional projects has been paid out by insurance carrier to DBOT.  (see Treasurer’s Report). 

MOTION was made by Mike DeHaven and seconded by David Aull to adjourn the meeting at 11:48am. The motion passed unanimously. 

Budget and Finance Committee Meeting Minutes 

Monday, November 7, 2016

Meeting was called to order at 9am

Committee Members Present:  Alan, Bill, Joy, Carol, Brenda.   Absent:  Stan

Number of members in attendance: 15  

MOTION:  Allen stepped down as Chairman for this meeting.  Carol Lowe volunteered to be chairperson for this meeting. The members voted unanimously for the motion. 

Members requested that the September 13, 2016 be read because they have not read them from The Towers website.  Minutes were read aloud by Carol Lowe.  

MOTION:  Alan made a motion to approve minutes as written and amended, second by Bill.  The amendment was to add (also by Albert) in the sentence “Brenda indicated that Alan did a lot of researching and calling for numbers to be plugged into working budget document.”.  The amended minutes are to read “Brenda indicated that Alan and also by Albert did a lot of researching and calling for numbers to be plugged into working budget document.”  The members voted unanimously for the motion.  CARRIED  

Alan read a letter from Stan concerning Stan’s resignation from Committee.  Joan requested that she be considered to fill the vacancy that Stan’s resignation created.  There was discussion that anyone interested must have their name given to the BOD President for consideration since all committee members are reviewed by the President.  

Budget needs to be input by line items (per page 3 of Towers Docs) were discussed by committee members.  

MOTION:   Joy moved that the Towers have the book-keeper make preparations to be able to distribute a Budget vs Actual financial statement and that financial statement would be distributed during the treasurer’s report at Board meetings. Second by Bill.  Discussion ensued.  It was agreed by Joy (mover) and Bill (second) the MOTION AMENDED  TO READ:  The book-keeper prepares the Budget vs Actual financial statements to be distributed monthly posted on the website and given to Bill as a word doc and posted on the bulletin boards.  The members voted unanimously for the motion.  CARRIED   

Alan distributed a handout that gave the basics for the special assessments recently collected for parking lot/ canopy, and roof repairs.  It was requested that there be more detail for accountability for assessments.

Motion:  Alan made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Joy. The members voted unanimously for the motion.  

Meeting adjourned:   11:10am

Organizational Meeting Minutes

Daytona Beach Ocean Towers

(October 25, 2016)

(6:30PM, DBOT Clubhouse)

Board Members: 

Present: Mike DeHaven, Vice President; Allen Lampman, Treasurer; Christina Honeycutt, Secretary; Mike French, Vice President, David Aull, Asst. Secretary; and Joe Capano, Board Member. 

Absent: None 

Quorum present? Yes

Number of owners present: 40

The organizational meeting was called to order at 6:30PM by Vice President, Mike DeHaven.  

Mike DeHaven read the resignation letters submitted by Ray Bunnell. 

MOTION was made by Allen Lampman to nominate Mike DeHaven for President, with the departure of Ray Bunnell; Christina Honeycutt to remain as Secretary, Dave Aull for Vice President  and Mike French to the position of Asst Secretary. Seconded by Dave Aull. The motion passed unanimously. 

MOTION was made by Mike DeHaven and seconded by David Aull to adjourn the meeting at 6:34p. The motion passed unanimously. 


Mike DeHaven, President DBOT 


Christina Honeycutt, Secretary DBOT 


Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Daytona Beach Ocean Towers

(October 25, 2016)

(immediately following organization meeting, DBOT Clubhouse)

Board Members: 

Present: Mike DeHaven, President; Dave Aull, Vice President; Mike French, Asst Vice President; Allen Lampman, Treasurer; Christina Honeycutt, Secretary; and Joe Capano, Board Member.

Absent: None 

Quorum present? Yes

Number of owners present: 40

The Board of Directors meeting was called to order at 6:35PM by President, Mike DeHaven.  

MOTION was made by Alan Lampman to approve the August 4, 2016 board meeting minutes as electronically recorded and posted on the Towers website, seconded by Dave Aull. The motion was passed unanimously. 

Allen Lampman presented the detailed Treasurer’s Report including Foreclosure & Lien Report. Allen Lampman reported out on the Budget proposal for 2017 and confirmed the details and % of owners who submitted their votes. 

79- Owners submitted for Budget #1 

43- Owners submitted for Budget #2

3- Owners submitted for Budget #3

8- No Increase at all

MOTION was made by Mike DeHaven and seconded by Christina Honeycutt to accept the Treasurer’s report and to accept the 2016 2017 Budget as proposed at 8% percent budget increase. The motion passed unanimously.

The floor was opened for discussion and questions were answered. A copy of 2017 budget was previously mailed to all owners and attached to the meeting minutes. 

MOTION was made by Allen Lampman and seconded by David Aull to adjourn the meeting at 7:03pm. The motion passed unanimously. 


Mike DeHaven, President DBOT 


Christina Honeycutt, Secretary DBOT 

                            Finance Committee meeting

September 13, 2016

Present:  Alan, Brenda, Joy, Carol, Present via phone:  Bill

Absent:  Stan

Spectators:     Charles, Edna and Joe

Meeting called to order: 10:01am   Meeting adjourned: 12:12pm

Alan started the meeting by reviewing the posting of the meeting announcement.  It was posted on the downstairs bulletin board, each of the elevators, and on The Towers’ website.

Alan wanted to recognize Brenda for all of the work that she has done in gathering numbers and organizing them so that the committee had definitive evidence of the amounts that needed to be reviewed for monthly maintenance fee evaluation.  Brenda indicated that Alan did a lot of researching and calling for numbers to be plugged in to working budget document.  Handout available.

Alan read a letter from Sidney and Polly Hansen (unit 1009) where they listed two of their concerns.  He asked that we keep these concerns in mind during the discussion.  Handout available.

A copy of a WORKING budget was distributed to the committee.  This is the review of income and expenses data that was given to Brenda by Alan.  The committee reviewed this document line item by line item to see if there were places where The Towers could be more frugal.  Changes were made on the document itself.  (Handout available).

Sample comments during the discussion are as follows:

-commercial rentals should be paying the amount of the rental tax in addition to their monthly rental payment.  This will be taken into consideration once the current leases come up for renewal.

-residential rentals should be for only one year, with renewals after that time.  Again, this will be taken into consideration once the current lease is up.  The committee recommended that the current tenants be notified that the rent will increase by $100 with the new rental contract.

-a reminder that units that come up for sale are supposed to be registered in the office so that the sale can follow the process as set forth in the Docs.  The Towers owners directly adjacent to the proposed unit have the first right to purchase, then others within The Towers, then the general public.  Alan said that it would be kept in mind, and that there will be a follow-through.

-The Towers needs to investigate recouping 1 year’s worth of maintenance fees when a unit is sold while owing for monthly maintenance fees.

-the computer in the office that is not working properly should be replaced with a commercial-grade computer for the bookkeeper to use.  The committee recommended that the bookkeeper keep a password on the QuickBooks program for “Read Only” so that The Board can access and print information BUT NOT have the ability to edit or adjust any input in order for the computer to be shared, eliminating the cost for an additional computer.

-new washing machine/dryers will be of commercial grade, and with extra-large load capabilities.

-the insurance for the building is high, and the committee asked Charles if it would be possible for it to be investigated.  Charles and Alan both indicated that they believed Mike was already on this.

-contract for smoke alarm monitoring and inspection also be investigated to see if there is a more reliable/ responsive vendor.

-approximately 24% of the total budget is dedicated to payroll/personnel expenses.  Salaries were discussed.  A few committee members felt that several of the employees are paid more than professionals in other fields, and requested that those hourly wages be lowered.  After some discussion, it was decided that they would be left where they are until more research can be done.

-there was discussion on researching the possibility of using/hiring a management firm.  Their responsibilities can streamline some of the budget expenses, and possibly save The Towers in the long run.  Joe said that he had looked into a management firm and believed that it would cost $100,000.  He said that we may want to consider having a qualified building manager to direct and supervise.  Bill indicated that he had some information